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Breaking News - Bill to specifically address E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders, soon to be introduced by Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) - we are so grateful and excited by this news.

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E2VisaReform.org has been set up by a group of like-minded investors who feel that the current E2 Treaty Investor Visa needs to be reviewed and pave the way for us being able to apply for Legal Permanent Residency.

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa was originally set up as part of the ‘Immigration and Nationality Act’ in 1952. The visa was intended to stimulate the US Economy by creating investment opportunities to infuse new capital into the US. Well I reckon we can safely say that has happened!!

Of course this isn’t just an Immigration issue, though - it is also an Economic one. We are investing money in the US and giving employment to US citizens. In this day and age of near recession, how much future investment is the US missing out on by not making our futures secure? Would anyone in their right mind borrow money to invest in a new business when they are not sure whether they are here for the long term? How many people from the E2 Treaty Trader countries are deciding not to emigrate and invest their money here, because of the impossibility to plan for the future?

We also know that change can be achieved, as only a few years ago spouses of E2 visa holders were not able to work outside of their own companies. Now a spouse can be issued with Work Authorization and get a job in any company. However this is the only change to this visa since 1952 - we are trying to bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

Not only do we employ US Citizens and pay our way in terms of taxes, we also have to consider the future needs of our children who are not covered by our visas once they reach the age of 21. Our children are educated in US schools learning American values, yet are not always rewarded with a chance to earn the right to stay. They are pressurized into making career choices based on an ability to obtain a permanent residency visa rather than following their dreams. Often the degree they obtain in a US University will enable them to find a job in many different countries around the world - but maybe not in the country where they earned it.

The aim of this site is to both inform and educate the people who can make a difference to the lives of E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders of all nationalities.We will endeavor to keep up with all current news and legislation and try to highlight problems facing E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders.

We hope that Immigration will be a topical issue and we would like to be included in any changes that are going to be made.

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From your E2 Visa Reform Team


Immigration Reform is one of the most heated topics in Washington.

This is a photo of our E2 Kids - please remember they need to be helped within Immigration Reform or our families are torn apart as well - at 21 they are no longer covered by the E2 Treaty Investor Visa.

In 2013 a Comprehensive Bill was introduced by the Senate. It was a very involved Bill and at over 1000 pages a very long one. There are many who feel this was the right approach as it would reform all aspects of current and future immigration.

On the other hand, there are those that feel a more individual approach is the better way to go, with separate Bills for different issues. Last year there were some Bills that had been discussed in the House Committees, but were not voted on by the full House.

There has never been a better opportunity to have our voices heard about the E2 Treaty Investor Visa and it is now up to us to make sure we are part of the conversation. We urge all E2 Treaty Investor Visa Holders to contact their own Member of Congress and Senators to ask for their support.

Our children - and those on other visas - should also be included in any new version of the “Dream Act”/”KIDS Act”.

We need to act as soon as Immigration Reform comes to the table and visit Washington to make sure we are included. With this in mind, we are ready to jump on a plane at very short notice.


We would like to share the Video we made to highlight E2 Treaty Investor Visa Holders and the variety of businesses we are running and the Video about our E2 KIDS




It is great if we can find out where you are, what kind of business you are running, where you are from and how long you have been here.

Your Home Zip Code - including the 4 extra digits - is a big help, as we can then see which District you are in. You can find the extra 4 digits from any official mail you may receive. Otherwise check out


and it will tell you who your Member of Congress is.

We know of E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders in over 40 different States - and many Districts within these States.

When we are talking to the offices in Washington, it is always helpful to be able to tell them there is a visa holder in their District.

We are also asking all E2 Treaty Investor Visa holders to contact us with some details and figures - if we can show the US Lawmakers how much of a difference we make and how much we contribute, they hopefully will be more interested in our aims.

Current Figures averaged from 200 businesses are as follows:

For an estimate of 100,000 E2 Businesses:

Employees - 800,000

Initial Investment - $27 Billion

Sales 2013 - $98 Billion

If we don’t currently have your figures but you would like to add them, please contact us at E2Reform@hotmail.com

Business information will remain confidential - or can be sent anonymously - find out how by e-mailing us at E2Reform@hotmail.com